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Can you name the men named John with prominent roles in the history of the Christian church?

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BioNameLife Span
Author of 5 New Testament Books6?-100?
Author of one of the Gospels; Paul wanted to leave him behind in Acts 15?-68
4th Century Bishop of Constantinople, nicknamed 'Golden Mouthed' for his preaching ability347-407
Medieval Bible translator who is often called 'the Morning Star of the Reformation'1320s-1384
Leader of a pre-Protestant movement in Bohemia; influential on Luther1369-1415
Protestant reformer of Geneva; wrote 'Institutes of the Christian Religion'1509-1564
English Protestant who wrote about martyrs1517-1587
BioNameLife Span
Spanish Roman Catholic mystic; wrote famous poem titled 'Dark Night of the Soul'1542-1591
English poet and preacher; 'No man is an island'1572-1631
Baptist Puritan and author of Pilgrim's Progress1628-1688
Puritan theologian; author of 'The Mortification of Sin' and 'The Death of Death in the Death of Christ'1616-1683
Founder of Methodism1703-1791
19th century Anglican bishop; author of 'Holiness'1816-1900

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