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Can you name the artists who sang these songs that used the word 'angel'?

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LyricsArtistSong Title
In the arms of an angel / Fly away from hereAngel (1997)
You look like an angel / Walk like an angel / Talk like an angel / But I got wiseDevil in Disguise (1963)
Earth Angel, Earth Angel / Will you be mine? / My darling dear / Love you all the timeEarth Angel (1954)
I'm checking for you / Boy you're right on time / Angel of mineAngel of Mine (1998)
Just call me angel of the morning angel / Just touch my cheek before you leave me babyAngel of the Morning (1981)
You're my angel / Come and save me tonight / You're my angel / Come and make it all rightAngel (1987)
Johnny Angel / 'Cause I love him / And I pray that someday he'll love meJohnny Angel (1962)
It was a cold and wet December day / When we touched the ground at JFK / Snow was melting on the ground / On BLS I heard the sound / Of an angelAngel of Harlem (1988)
It must have been wild angels, wild angels / Watching over you and meWild Angels (1996)
She talks to angels / Says they call her out by her nameShe Talks to Angels (1990)
LyricsArtistSong Title
How do you talk to an angel / How do you hold her close to where you are / How do you talk to an angel / It's like trying to catch a falling starHow Do You Talk to an Angel (1992)
Every night these silhouettes appear above my head / Little angels of the silences that climb into my bed and whisperAngels of the Silences (1996)
I need ten thousand angels / Watching over me tonightTen Thousand Angels (1996)
Oh, Blue Angel don't you cry / Just because he said goodbye / Oh, Blue Angel have no fear / I'll Brush away lonely teardropsBlue Angel (1960)
Try to think that love's not around / But it's uncomfortably near / My old heart ain't gaining no ground / Because my angel eyes ain't here Angel Eyes (1938)
Angel came down from heaven yesterday / She stayed with me just long enough to rescue meAngel (1971)
Oooh you're an angel / In disguise / I can see it in your eyesAngel (1985)
Girl, you’re my angel, you’re my darling angel / Closer than my peeps you are to me, babyAngel (2001)
There were seven Spanish angels / At the altar of the sun / They were prayin' for the lovers / In the valley of the gunSeven Spanish Angels (1986)
When I come to call she won't forsake me / I'm loving angels insteadAngels (1997)

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