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Can you name the locations from former team nicknames used in them?

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Team NamesTeam Location Name
Beacons, Bees, Patriots, Shamrocks, Yanks
Drive, Shock, Turbos, Wheels, Wolverines
Mutiny, Sunblasters, Tarpons, Tritons, Windjammers
Aftershock, Aztecs, Dons, Salsa, Stars
Cajuns, Essos, Kingfish, Red Stixx, Senators
Dreams, Gold, Quake, Sunshine, Surf
Cavalry, 89ers, Indians, Plainsmen, Stampede
Beachdogs, Flamingos, Hammerheads, Sharks, Stingrays
Buckskins, Chill, Iron Rangers, Norsemen, North Stars
Amigos, Fireballs, Gila Monsters, Sidewinders, Toros
Conquistadors, Friars, Gulls, Sails, Sandpipers
Caliente, Heatwave, Phoenix, Rattlers, Sandsharks
Capitols, Hoosiers, Indians, Racers, Twisters
Team NamesTeam Location Name
Dons, Dukes, Isotopes, Geckos, Six-Guns
Expos, Olympique, Quebecois, Royals, Voyageurs
Bisons, Blizzard, Ffillies, Stampede, Wings
Boomers, Cowboys, 88s, Roughnecks, Stampeders
Golden Spikers, Pioneers, Rollerbees, Salt Ratz, Snowbears
Canadians, 86ers, Mounties, Vanguards, Whitecaps
Ambassadors, Diplomats, Georges, Power, Presidents
Beavers, Blizzard, Huskies, Tornados, Toros
Ice Bats, Lone Stars, Rangers, Senators, Soccadillos
Islanders, Leis, Tsunami, Volcanoes, Wave
Fog, Golden Gaters, Pilots, Saints, Seals
Crackers, Fire Ants, Firemen, Flames, Glory

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