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Can you name the words missing from the quotes from Yours, Mine and Ours (1968)?

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QuoteFill in the blank.Words
I'm 11 red _____. I'm 11 red _____. I'm 11 red _____.1
Mother! It's 11:_____.1
Your _____ is winking at me.2
_____ couldn't keep up.2
'Is that strawberry jam on your hands?' - '_____.'1
Susan! Don't eat the _____.4
Doctor, if anyone knows how to spell it, _____.2
I can't eat if _____!3
He's gonna give her a _____ about how lonely it is here at home.2
My Veronica, she's seven, she's so boy crazy, I'm afraid she'll get married _____!3
'This may come as a shock to you, but there are other things in life besides girls.' - '_____'2
I don't care if he does look like _____!2
'We just shortened it a little.' - 'A little?! I look _____!4
Every morning at _____, I'd spring into action.2
Just keep growing, Phillip. One day, _____.4
QuoteFill in the blank.Words
You've been the victim of an alcoholic _____. It's amazing you survived at all.2
'We need a sample of your blood.' - '_____.'3
Oh, Mother, that's so romantic! _____!4
'Ten! Ten?! TEN!! Frank! Eight and ten is...' - '_____'1
She has _____.2
Heavens to Betsy! _____?6
Your blues and greens are wonderful, but _____. 9
Oh, have a heart. _____.6
Mom, come quick! There's a man in my room _____!5
I hate to use the word _____, but there's no other way to say it.1
Sister's locked in the bathroom, and she can't get out and we can't get in, _____!4
Unless Veronica's an Impressionist, _____!7
'What's a liason?' - 'An affair.' '_____'4
I feel better now! _____!4
There is no more mine, and there is no more yours. _____.8

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