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UTIs are common in __
With about __ having symptoms at sometime in their life
It is uncommon in __
And it usually indicates an underlying __
Inefction of the bladder is called __
And this can occur alone or associated with ascending infection of the __
Infection of the urinary tract is most often via the ascending __ route
And this is facilitated by __
Women are more susceptible to infection because of the __ urethra
And its proximity to the __
__ is the most common cause of UTI & usually arises from the patient's own bowel flora
Abnormalities that encourage cystitis include: Urinary __
Previous damage to the bladder __
Bladder __
Poor bladder __
The symptoms of lower UTI are of __
Features of acute pyelonephritis are __
In elderly people the symptoms may be atypical:
UTI in non-pregnant woman with a functionally normal urinary tract is known as __
Infection in patients with abnormal urinary tracts or systemic disease involving the kidney is know as __
Complications include renal papillary __
And the development of a renal or perinephric abscess with the risk of __
Most UTIs in __ are also considered complicated
Acute pyelonephritis is associated with __ infiltration of the renal parenchyma
Also associated with small __ abscesses
And streaks of __ in the renal medulla
__ arises from childhood UTs in combination with vesicoureteric refluc
Leading to progressive __
And presenting as __ in childhood & adult life
Vesicoureteric reflux refers to an incompetent valve between __
Allowing reflux of urine up thew ureter during bladder __
Reflux usually ceases around __ but by that time the damage is done
Recurrent UTI is with the __
Recurrent UTI more 2w after stopping antibiotic treatment is considered to be __
Recurrence of bacteriuria with the same organism within 7 days of completion of treatment is __
Relapse implies failure to eradicate the organism usually in association with anatomical renal tract abnormality e.g. __
Dipsticks detect the present of urinary __
__ is present in most patients with UTIs
But false-negative results occur for __
__ is unneccessary in most women
Women with uncomplicated pyelonephritis who have persistent fever or clinical symptoms after 48-72hrs of treatment require __
To look for an __ that requires drainage
Women with recurrent UTIs & all patients with __ UTIs also require renal imaging
__ gives greater anatomical detail of the renal parenchyma & perirenal areas
Approximately __ of pregnant women have significant bacteriuria in pregnancy
If untreated, __ of these will develop acute pyelonephritis
Abacteria frequency or dysuria is known as __
It may be associated with __ in post-menopausal women
Also associated with __
TB of the urinary tract presents with symptoms of a __
And should be particularly considered in the __ population
Classically, there is __
Diagnosis depends on culture of mycobacteria from __ samples
Treatment is as for __

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