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Is the number __ cause of gynaecological malignancy associated deaths
__ cases per year in the UK
__ deaths
Largely because it often presents at an __
The ovarian tumour marker __ is used routinely to monitor for relapse in patients who have endergone treatment
Primary ovarian cancers account for __ of all malignancies in women
But only __ have a direct hereditary component
In these women, mutations are usually found on either the __ or __ tumour suppressor genes
In 50% of cases there is a __ mutation
In 30% of cases there is amplification of the __ oncogene
__ comprise 70% of all ovarian tumours
As with all ovarian tumours, there is a decreased risk associated with __
This is part of the __ hypothesis, whereby continuous monthly repair of the ovarian epithelium has been suggested as a factor in ovarian cancer development
Epithelial tumours are derived from __
Which in turn is derived from __
From here they differentiate into many types of tumour: tubal differentiation - __
Endometrial differentiation - __
Endocervical differentiation - __
Transitional differentiation - __
Serous tumours contain a __ fluid
__ are benign
Benign serous tumour is called __
This is a thin-walled, uni-lucular cystic tumour lined by __ regular epithelium
Malignant serous tumour is called __
Characterised by __ cells & mitoses with invasion of the ovarian stroma
Over half of cases occur __
A frequent histological finding is concentrically laminated calcified concentrations called __
Borderline serous tumours - presence of cellular atypia but with no __
Mucinous tumours of the ovary are __ cystic ovarian tumours of endocervical differentiation
And contain __ material
Benign mucinous tumour is called __
Malignant mucinous tumour is called __
There is invasion of the ovarian __
Less than __ of mucinous tumours are malignant
Borderline mucinous tumours - presence of cellular atypia but with no __
Malignant endometrioid tumour is called __
Accounting for __ of all ovarian carcinomas
The __ carcinoma is a variant of endometrioid carcinoma
Characterised by the presence of cells with clear cytoplasm & containing abundant __
Brenner tumours are composed of __ of epithelium resemblind the transitional cell epithelium of the urinary tract
They are associated with a __ stroma
The majority are __ benign
The ovary is a common site of tumour __
This may be of __ origin (uterus, fallopian tubes)
Or from __ sites (typically the breast & GI tract)
__ is bilaterally enlarged ovaries containing metastatic signet ring-cell adenocarcinoma
This is typically of __ origin
All gynaecological cancer can cause the following symptoms
Can spread via lymph to __
Can spread via blood to __
Stage 0
Stage I
Stage II
Stage III
Stage IV
If BRCA gene mutation detected, prophylactic __ is sometime offered

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