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Can be primary, from disease of the __
Or much less commonly, secondary to __ disease
Hypothyroidism affects __ of the
It is more common in __
And the incidence increases with __
The more common cause of primary thyroid failure in iodine-replete areas of the world is __
Autoimmune thyroiditis may be associated with a goitre (__) or thyroid atrophy
There i __-mediated destruction of thyroid tissue
Almost all patients have serum antibodies to __
They will also have thyroid peroxidase enzyme (__)
And antibodies that block the binding of __ to its receptor
It is associated with other autoimmune conditions such as __
A normally transient thyroitditis can occur __, causing hypo or hyperthyroidism, or both, sequentially
Iatrogenic hypothyroidism may be caused by __ (for treatment of hyperthyroidism or goitre)
May also be caused by radioactive __ treatment
May also be caused by external neck __ for head & neck cancer
Can be drug-induced from __
Iodine deficiency still exists in some areas, particularly __
__, occasionally massive, is common
__ excess can also cause hypothyroidism in patients with pre-existing thyroid disease
Congenital hypothyroidism is related to thyroid __, or defective synthesis of thyroid hormones
Symptoms include (name 2)
The term myxoedema refers to the accumulation of __ in subcutaneous tissues
Features are often difficult to distinguish in __
Hypothyroidism should be excluded in all patients with __
Measurement of serum __ is the investigation of choice. A high level of which (along with matching clinical picture) confirms primary hypothyroidism
Serum free __ levels are low
__ antibodies and other organ-specific antibodies may be present in the serum
Other features include anaemia (__)
There is also hyperlipidaemia & hypeonatraemia due to increased __ & impaired clearance of __)
Increased serum __ levels with associated myopathy

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