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QUIZ: Can you name the Hepatocellular Carcinoma

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The __ most common cancer world-wide
The majority of HCCs occur in patients with __
Particularly due to __
Other aetiological factors include __ ( a metabolite of a groundnut fungus)
Also __ steroids
And possibly the __
Clinical features include:
The rapid development of these features in a patient with __ is highly suggestive of HCC
More asymptomatic cases are being found in people with known cirrhosis by surveillance of __
A __ lesion in the liver in a patient with cirrhosis is highly likely to be HCC
Serum __ may be raised
But is normal in at least __ of patients
US or CT shows large filling defects in __ of cases
__ or __ is useful in cases where there is diagnostic doubt
__ is only performed when there is diagnostic doubt
As there is a risk of __
With cirrhosis & a liver mass greater than __ in diameter, the lesion is almost certainly HCC & biopsy is not indicated
The median survival is __

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