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Defined on the basis of persistent (over __) evidence of kidney disease
And/or impaired __
Evidence of kidney damage includes __
People with __ are at risk of CKD, & should be screened regularly
The most common causes in Europe are __
In parts of the Middle East, __ is the most common cause
The early stages of renal failure are completely __
There is a declining __
And an associated rise in serum __, which causes symptoms & signs
Anaemia is primarily die to reduced __ production by the diseased kidney
Also contributing to anaemia is increased __, shortened __, & dietary deficiency of __
The term 'osteodystrophy' embraces the various forms of __ disease that develop in CKD
These include __
Renal __ retention
And impaired production of __
Lead to a fall to __ concentration
And hence to a compensatory increase in __ secretion
A sustained increase of PTH results in __
With classic radiological features
__ may be as a result of hyperparathyroidism
__ complications occur in almost all patients with severe CKD
And are improved by __
Polyneuropathy manifests as peripheral __
Autonomic dysfunction presents as __
Advanced uraemia is serum urea over __
In advanced uraemia there is __
__ compression in the carpal tunnel is common
And is usually caused by __-related amyloidosis (a complication of dialysis)
The highest mortality in CKD is from __
Particularly __
This occurs due to an increased frequency of __
Renal disease also results in a form of __ with both systolic & diastolic dysfunction
__ occurs in severe uraemia
Other complications include increased risk of peptic __, acute __, erectile __ & and increased risk of __
A normochromic anaemia, small kidneys on US & the presence of renal osteodystrophy favours __ over __
__ deficiency is common in patients with CKD & should be treated
Systemic __ accompanies the decline in renal function
And may contribute to increased serum __ levels as well as dyspnoea & lethargy
Patients with CKD have an increased risk of __ which may be fatal
__ vaccination should be administered

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