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Cpmprises __ of all cancers in women
Most common cause of death in women aged __
There are around __ cases each year in the UK
5-year survival is __
Highest rates are in __
4-5 fold increased risk with __
5% of cases are due to these mutations
These are on which chromosomes respectively?
Long interval between __ & __ is another predisposing factor
Older age at __
Ionising radiation as seen in those receiving intensive radiotherapy for __
There is up to __ risk of breast cancer with 30 years of treatment
Postmenopausal obesity risk linked to higher __ levels
All breast carcinomas are __
Derived from epithelial cells of the __
__ refers to neoplastic cells confined to the ducts & lobules
With no evidence of invasion through the __
__ is the most common form
Presnting as __ on mammography
__ is more common in younger women
And is more likely to affect __
LCIS is not associated with __ on mammography
So is often an incidental finding on __
DCIS may progress to __
But is highly __ at the in situ stage
LCIS may progress to invasive carcinoma, but is predominantly a strong risk factor for carcinoma in __
The most common presentation of invasive carcinomas is __
Large masses may cause skin __
Or interfere with __ to produce classic skin changes
Nipple __ can also occur
__ may be palpable, reflecting metastases from the primary site
Investigation is by __
Most common invasive carcinoma (75%)
There are also __
Macroscopic features of an invasive carcinona include a discreet lump with __ to the skin or surrounding connective tissue
The macroscopic appearance of the tumour depends on the amount & type of __ within the carcinoma
Spread to skin & muscles of the chest wall is via __
Spread to axillary lymph nodes, internal mammary lymph nodes is via __
Spread to lungs, bone, liver & brain is via __
Spread to pleural cavities & pericardium is via
__ is an proto-oncogene found in 15-20% of breast cancers
It is associated with __ prognosis
This may be improved by novel monoclonal antibody therapy using __
If hormonal receptor positive & premenopausal, use __
If hormonal receptor positive & postmenopausal use __
If HER-2 positive use __
Tamoxifen increases risk of __
Mammography screening is more effective in older women with less __ breast tissue
3-yearly mammography for all women __
Stage I =
Stage II =
Stage IIIA =
Stage IIIB =
Stage IV =

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