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Describes chest pain arising from the heart as a result of __
Usually described as a __ pain
Coming on with __ & relieved by __ within a few minutes
It is often exacerbated by __ (name 2)
Frequently radiates to __
Angina on lying down
Angina at night
Angina caused by coronary artery spasm & results in angina that occurs withoutprovocation
Angina that rapidly increases in severity, occurs at rest, or is of recent onset (under 1 month)
Patients with symptoms of angina, a positive exercise test & normal coronary arteries on angiogram have __
It is thought to result from functional abnormalities of the coronary __
Physical exam in patients with angina is often __
But must include a search for __
These include __
Also search for
Such as __
The diagnosis of angina is largely based on the __
Occasionally __ causes diagnostic confusion
Resting ECG may show __ during an attack
The ECG is usually __ between attacks
Exercise ECG testing is positive in most people with __
But a __ test doesn't exclude the diagnosis
Severe CAD is indicated by __ at a low workload (within 6mins of starting the Bruce protocol)
Severe CAD is also indicated by a paradoxical fall in __
These are indications for __
Other testing protocols including __ are used in patients who cannot exercise or have baseline ECG abnormalities that interfere with the exercise ECG
__ is occasionally used patients with chest pain where the diagnosis of angina is uncertain
More commonly it is used to deliniate the exact __ before coronary intervention or surgery is considered

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