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Serve a 2 year term
Serve a 6 year term
Drawing districts to favor 1 party over the other
Article I of the Constitution Covers this branch
Senators are elected rather than appointed
2 Chambers
Compromise worked out, House based on Population Size, Senate has equal representaion
Most powerful committee in the Hosue
Assistants party leaders who count votes
All revenue bills must start in the
Has the power to confirm/deny presidential appointments and acts as the jury during impeachment trials
Files Impeachment Charges
passing a law after the fact or retroactivly
redistribution of seats in congress after the census.
current officeholder
sending free mail
Watching over the agencies in the executive branch to ensure policies are implemented.
Congress cannot write a law punishing someone for a crime
Where all the work in Congress is done
Permanent committee that deal with major issues such as Armed Services, Agriculture, Rules
Works out differences in bill passed by the House and Senate
Committee that writes tax laws
Committee that approves of Spending
Famous for coming up with the Contract With America
Override a veto, proposing an amendment, filing impeachment charges all require a
residents living in a district
a procedural rule that allows for amendments to be added to a bill
Talk a bill to death
special spending projects that are set aside for a specific project in a members district
60 votes in the Senate will end a fillibuster
You vote for my bill and i will vote for yours
If the Pres. does not sign or veto a bill and congress goes on recess with in 10 days.
Is the Pres. of the Senate but only gets to vote if their is a tie
Most senior member of the majority party in the Senate
Baker v. Carr and Wesberry v. Sanders helped end gerrymandering based on
Money brought back to members district, often in the form of grants
Powers that are clearly stated in the Constitution. Ex- coin money, declare war, regulate commerce
Presidential custom of submitting the names of perspective appointees for approval to senators from the state the appointee works in.

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