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DomainTitan Name
King of the Titans; Titan of agriculture; sometimes (incorrectly) known as Titan of Time; father of the first-generation Olympians
Titan of Wisdom, the North and Farsight
Titan of the South and the Constellations
Titan of the Ocean
Titan of Light and the East; father of the Sun, Moon and Dawn
Titan of the Underworld, Mortality and the West
Titaness of the Moon
Titaness of Memory
Titaness of the Sky
Titaness of Motherhood (I); mother of the first-generation Olympians
Titaness of Wisdom
Titaness of the Seas
DomainTitan Name
Titan of Destruction
Titan of War
Titan of Dusk
Titaness of Motherhood (I); mother of Artemis and Apollo
Titaness of the Stars
Titan of Forethought; creator of man
Titan of Afterthought; creator of animals
Titan of Rash Action and Violence
Bearer of the Heavens
Titaness of the Dawn
Titan of the Sun
Titaness of the Moon

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