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Does not use points or goals to score
Does not use a ball
Flat soled shoes are used
Has more positions than the other possible answers
This Sport is the Most Played Sport Worldwide
Fighting does not result in suspension/ejection
Gloves are never used in this sport
America's Pastime
This sports ball is sometimes called, 'The Rock'
A body part is mentioned in the title of the sport
The most valuable sports franchise plays this sport
Was the first sport to be featured in a Backyard Sports Game
Players move fastest in this sport
Only 3 substitutions are allowed per game in this sport
Sport where Player Managers are most commonly found
The playing area is not called a field or court
This sports championship holds the record for being the world's most watched television event
NBA Superstar Michael Jordan played this sport after retiring, the first time, from Basketball
Has the heaviest 'scoring device' of all possible choices
This sport uses a BALL that is not spherical
Movies about this sport include: Hoosiers, Semi-Pro, and Like Mike
Movies about this sport include: Remeber the Titans, Rudy, and We Are Marshall
Movies about this sport include: Bend It Like Beckham, Kicking and Screaming, and Victory
Movies about this sport include: Miracle, The Mighty Ducks, and The Rocket
Movies about this sport include: The Rookie, The Natural, and League of Their Own

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