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Forced Order
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Letter it starts with and descriptionWordLetter
Mmm, it sure smells goodA
What starts and ends with an e, but only contains one letterE
The most populous province of canucksO
Exibitons, galleries. Such an educational placeM
Vroom, vroom, vrooooooom!R
Would you like a crumpet with thatT
I need something to hold my papersP
Statement of praiseH
Put wood in this to make lumber L
When private industries go publicN
This object is used to carry heavy stuff, like leaves or sticks or heyW
Language spoken in India and PakistanU
Letter it starts with and descriptionWordLetter
I have seen the light!B
Boom! The bomb just...D
Its snowing dandylionsF
Is this a joke?G
Canoe is for many, as ----- is for oneK
Its starts and ends with the letter I, but only contains one letterI
A unit of currency in AzerbaijanQ
Mmm, the crumpet you gave me is tastefully delightfulS
Two days before the day before three days after two days before tomorowY
A calming tabletX
A silver coinZ

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