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So I guess we're back to us, oh cameraman, swing the focus16
Girl I was it, look past the sweat, a better love deserving of7
Well, I'm afraid that I. Well, that's right, well I may have faked it9
Just stay where I can see you. Douse the lights!8
The anesthetic never set in and I'm wondering where11
And not to mention the constable and his proposition, for that 'virgin'10
We are unable to continue our broadcast of dance music8
Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present,6
If you talk you better walk you better back your sh\it up11
Oh, isn't this exactly where you'd like me I'm exactly where you'd like me, you know11
This is the scent of dead skin on a linoleum floor10
Sick and sad patients9
LyricsContinued# of words
Oh, well, in fact. Well, I'll look at it this way,7
Oh and the smokes in that cigarette box on the table9
Or shrug us off your shoulders8
And with the way you've been talking9
In this little number we're graced by two displays of character. We've got:5
She didn't choose this role8
Sit tight, I'm gonna need you to keep time10
Oh, we're still so young, desperate for attention10
Well, she sure is gonna get it. Here's the setting6
Raindrops on roses and girls in white dresses8
And I know, and I know, it just doesn't feel like a night out with no one sizing you up. I've never been so surreptitious,11
I'd chime in with a 'Haven't you people ever heard of closing a goddamn door?!'17

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