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'December, 1963' bandSlayer album containing 'War Ensemble'
1965 The Lovin' Spoonful hitThomas Mann Novel about Hans Castorp
Francis Ford Coppola film starring Martin SheenPop music compilation currently on it's eighty-first volume
'Stacy's Mom' bandHost of the revival of 'Let's Make a Deal'
1982 Alice Walker novel'Excuse me while I kiss the sky' song
1981 Loverboy hit1989 comedy starring Andrew McCarthy that inspired a recent dance craze
1995 Noah Baumbach film about four disillusioned recent college graduates'I Put A Spell On You' singer
Sydney Pollack film starring Meryl Streep and Robert RedfordZulu Nation DJ
Whit Stillman film starring Chloƫ Sevigny and Kate BeckinsaleSaturday Night Fever soundtrack hit by the Trammps
NBC soap opera with almost 12,000 episodesBiographical Plutarch work
Kanigher/Kubert created DC comics character that inspired a 1980 XTC hitGlam metal themed musical
Movie believed to contain an actual ghost in the background of one of its scenesSir-Mix-A-Lot hit
Monthly video game magazine dealing with Mario, Link, Star Fox, etc.1971 John Lennon hit
James Joyce's final novelWater sport that combines snowboarding and surfing techniques
Internet meme featuring a Pop-Tart bodied felineTennessee Williams play about Big Daddy Pollitt's family
'From Enslavement to Obliteration' bandThomas Mann novella about terrible writer's block
Vegetable-themed Christmas toy hit of the 1980sCanadian sketch comedy troupe behind the movie 'Brain Candy'
1963 Kurt Vonnegut novelSuffolk extreme metal band behind ''The Principle of Evil Made Flesh
'Reinventing Axl Rose' band2000 David Sedaris essay collection
P.T. Anderson film starring Daniel Day-LewisTraditional UK sausage thickened with oatmeal

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