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Can you name the absurd solutions the characters of South Park have conjured up?

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Stan and Butters find out their future selves are just actors hired by their parentsCartman
Terrorists threaten to attack if Family Guy shows an image of MuhammadRandy Marsh
A child molester is arrested in the town and panic ensues'Rabbling' Mob of Parents
Jackovasaurs go from being nearly extinct to over populated and horribly annoyingMayor Daniels
The towns people begin to spontaneously combustRandy Marsh
Willzyx, the orca whale, is dying and needs to escape the planetSea Park Employees
Randy wants a prescription for medicinal marijuanaRandy Marsh
South Park Elementary is overrun by vampire posersThe Goth Kids
The parents purposely give their kids chickenpox so they will become immuneStan, Kyle, Kenny & Cartman
The airline companies are expensive and unreasonableMr. Garrison
Cartman gives Kyle AIDsKyle, Cartman & Magic Johnson
Canada needs more moneyWorld Canadian Bureau President
The town of Beaverton floods meaning a new ice age is supposedly dueRandy Marsh
The economy is depressed due to frivolous spendingRandy Marsh
Stan doesn't want to vote since both of the candidates are equally worthlessPrinciple Victoria/Mayor Daniels
Mr. Garrison and his new assistant are making the children uncomfortableThe Parents

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