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Forrest Gump; Flying over Vietnam in a helicopter
Almost Famous; Singing along on the bus
Fast Times At Ridgemont High; When Brad is fantasizing about Linda climbing out of the pool
Reservior Dogs; Mr. Blonde cuts off a cop's ear
The Graduate; When Ben plunges into the pool
The Big Chill; Opening funeral scene
Pulp Fiction; Mia and Vincent ditch their shoes and dance
Black Hawk Down; ''All units, Irene!'' / ''Let's roll.''
Wayne's World; Wayne and Garth go cruisin' in the The Mirthmobile
Terminator 2; When the T-800 steps out of the bar after suiting up (and kicking ass!)
Little Miss Sunshine; Olive is performing her dance routine
Planes, Trains & Automobiles; Driving, smoking, dancing and lip syncing
The Sandlot; Benny is running for his life!
Boogie Nights; Cocaine dealer's boy-toy is lighting off firecrackers
Garden State; Sam has Andrew listen to a song in the waiting room
Ferris Bueller's Day Off; Lip syncing atop a float
The Perfect Storm; ''Let's go fishin'!''
The Departed; Multiple scenes including the intro
Easy Ride; Iconic opening credits
Risky Business; Sliding across the floor in his socks
Groundhog Day; What Phil hears every single morning
Rocky III; While he's training to fight Clubber Lang
Back To The Future; While Marty is skateboarding to school
A Night At The Roxbury; Head bopping/''I broke the window again''
Kill Bill Vol. 1; Black and white opening credits with the ''dead'' Bride
Zoolander; Gasoline fight!!
Iron Man; Before the ''fun-vee'' gets ambushed
Pee Wee's Big Adventure; While he's dancing for the biker gang
Jerry Maguire; Singing along to the radio in his car
Napoleon Dynamite; Dancing for Pedro's campaign
Austin Powers IMoM; Austin destroys the fembots with his uncanny mojo
Animal House; ''Food fight!!!''
Dumb & Dumber; Montage of Harry & Lloyd getting makeovers
An American Werewolf In London; David is transforming for the first time

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