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Sterling Archer's middle name is...
Lana has notoriously strong...
Archer keeps a Chekhov in his underwear so nobody bugs him for a...
Archer's very hungry because all he had consumed all day was six gummy bears and some...
Cheryl's sexual fettish is being...
Malory keeps her oxycontin is a bottlle labelled as...
What is the name of the pimp that Archer frequently is at odds with?
Malory told Sterling a fictional tale about how his father was nicknamed...
According to Archer, the deadly super toxin in his syringe pen is...
Cheryl changes her name to what in order to seduce Conway?
The password to the ISIS mainfraim is...
According to Archer, karate is the 'blank' of martial arts
Archer threw both Woodhouse's and Cheryl's clothes out the window because neither of them knew how to properly...
What kind of porn is Lana into?
When his maid delivered a positive pregnancy test on a silver platter to him and his date, Archer was furious because the platter was supposed to hold...
Dr. Krieger snorts lines of what?
What is the name of the ISIS employee who Archer frequently shoots?
Archer declares that Dr. Krieger is his who?
Torvald Utne feels up Lana's...
Who does Pam end up having sex with?
What is Malory drinking when she puts out a burn notice on Sterling?
When trying to appear gay, Archer's t-shirt reads...
Every Friday, Cyril makes...
What is Archer's favorite sport?

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