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Incomplete Sterling Archer lineMissing word(s)Context
''No, Cyril, when they're dead (BLANK)!''Cyril corrected him on his word use
''It has plenty of stopping power [he shoots] See that? He was (BLANK) and I stopped him.''Conway insults his tiny pistol
''My head hurts and I have no (BLANK)!''Archer rejects the grilled cheese sandwich his mother made for him
''Let's share the milk of (BLANK)!''Archer proposes sexual favors in exchange for his release
''That's why! So we don't (BLANK)!''Archer swats Krenshaw's coffee because he failed to read the ''no food or drink' sign
''Jesus! Quit (BLANK)!Lana is carrying Archer, who's wounded, out of the line of fire
'''M' as in (BLANK).''Archer is trying to defuse a bomb over the radio
''Seriosuly, call Kenny Loggins cause you're in the (BLANK).''Any time Archer thinks Lana is hot for him
''No, just half of one. The other half would have really (BLANK).''Archer become arroused by the though of his mother being killed
Incomplete Sterling Archer lineMissing word(s)Context
''Talk to these chicks, tell them how we're really ISIS agents! Hello? (BLANK)?''Archer blows a fellow agent's cover over the phone
''Hey, are you going to this lame ISIS (BLANK)?''Once again, Archer blows a fellow agent's cover over the phone
''I also need you to go (BLANK).''Archer threatens to rub sand in Woodhouse's eye
''Well, what do you want me to say Lana? You got upset when I said (BLANK).''Lana protests Archer calling her ''black-ish''
''So knock yourself out - I'm (BLANK)!''Cyril says he can drive better than Archer
''Shut up and hem you (BLANK)!''Woodhouse begins to speak
'And I (BLANK), and I'm sorry for that.''Pam reminds Archer that his assault on her required stiches
''I am drunk, or I wouldn't be (BLANK).''An Irishmen in drag tells his drunkeness is unappealing

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