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Can you name the the Wire actors based on their other roles?

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Noted Appearance Before the WireActor/CharacterNoted Appearance After the Wire
'Silas P. Silas' in How High'Persian Emissary' in Meet the Spartans
'Helix' in Notting Hill'Albert Lambreaux' in Treme
'Sugar Watkins' in Starship Troopers'Marshall Lasky' in Did You Hear About the Morgans?
'Derek Wallace' in The Waterboy'Jackson' in the Machinist
'Telly' in Kids'Sonny' in My Name is Earl
'Carl Stevenson' in The Gregory Hines Show'Antoine Batiste' in Treme
'Ray Ray' in The Sopranos'Chalky White' in Boardwalk Empire
'Kenny Wangler' in Oz'Mr. Cat' in The Kill Point
'Vaughn Rice' in Ultraviolet'Roque' in The Losers
'Mark' in Belly'Darnell Thibeaux' in ER (2007)
'Moose Skowron' in 61*'Bullpen Pitcher' in How Do You Know
'Mr. Pope' in Veronica Mars (2005)'Marshall Pike' in Sunny With a Chance
'Agent Flood' in 25th Hour'Ethan Banks' in Enchanted (2007)
'Landlord' in Coming to America'Richard Evans' in One Life to Live
'Jamal' in Hard Ball'Vince Howard' in Friday Night Lights
Noted Appearance Before the WireActor/CharacterNoted Appearance After the Wire
'Luca' in True Romance'Coach Thurman' in Everybody Hates Chris
'Palace Guard' in Star Wars: The Phantom Menace'Theron' in 300
'Sal' in K-PAX'Dennis York' in Brothers & Sisters
'Rachel Prescott' in You Can Count On Me'Holly Flax' in The Office
'Jamal' in Half Nelson'Dixon Wilson' in 90210
'George Higgins' in 8MM'Andy Bellefleur' in True Blood
'Det. Meldrick Lewis' on Homicide: LOTS'Walker Hearn' in Cra$h and Burn
'Freeze' in The Mask'Samuel' in 20 Years After
'Devon' in Everyday People'Benjamin 'Knox' Washington' in Heroes
'Julius Campbell' in Remember the Titans'Trinney Day' in Southland
'Stuart Jones' in Queer as Folk'John Bloom' in Identity
'Johnny Basil' in Oz'Agent Broyles' in Fringe
'Tito Biondi' in Face/Off'Vaughn' in Burn Notice
'Angela Blake' in The West Wing'Delores' in Mississippi Damned
'Dr. Carl Dearad' in ER'Walter Kendrick' in Damages

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