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'You've got fat!'Game of Thrones
'Hey, yo, where it at!?'The Wire
'Girls, you gotta have more than just cranberry juice for breakfast, alright? You need brain food. Happy birthday, handsome!' The Sopranos
'Bite my shiny metal ass.'Futurama
'Are we done with our buyin', Francis?'Deadwood
'Excellent, excellent, you'll be fine. Open your mouth, and let's look at that brain...not that mouth.'Futurama
'Because when your co-workers put food in the refrigerator, that's a bond of trust. And if you violate that trust, or...the food...'Archer
'Hey guys, so, I met this guy in my acting class, and he wants to see where I work, so could you guys try and...not be weird?'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
'And now, children, our friend Mr. Hat is going to tell us about Christopher Columbus.'South Park
'Inform your dealers and **** of my credit, and pour me a goddamn drink!'Deadwood
'Is there anything I can say, other than, 'The President rode his bike into a tree'?The West Wing
'You here early, uh huh. D, new deal today. You going out on point, picking up business in the Pit.'The Wire
'Thou art notified that thy kind has infiltrated the galaxy too far already.'Star Trek: The Next Generation
'Illusion, Michael. A trick is something a **** does for money...or candy?' Arrested Development
'Door's broke. Every fifth time or so, it don't open.'Scrubs
'Yeah! Go home, you little dildo!'South Park
'Uh! Smoking! How does a boy like that go so wrong?'Family Guy
'Go on. Father's watching...and your mother.'Game of Thrones
'Excellent! The mind control device is nearing completion!'Family Guy
'Difficult? Simply solve the mystery of Farpoint Station.'Star Trek: The Next Generation
'There's no time to be careful. We're late!'The Simpsons
'Arthur, you gotta say to yourself - it coulda been worse.'The Sopranos
'Hello. I'm Troy McClure. You may remember me from such movies as 'Cry Yuma' and 'Here Comes the Coastguard!'The Simpsons
'Breakfast -I thought you meant, of the things you eat.'Arrested Development
'Place an IV for me. Carla, can I ask you a personal question: do you spray the perfume on, or do just fill your bathtub up with it at home and splash around in it?'Scrubs
'How'd you find me?'Breaking Bad
'Lucy, you must remember to have the salt and pepper shakers wiped. Can I help you, sir?'Breaking Bad
'I am the Lord, your God. Thou shalt worship no other god before me.'The West Wing
'Another big night, fellas. 164 dollars and eighty-seven cents.'It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia
'What, your little go-kart battery?'Archer

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