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Can you name the The Big Lebowski trivia answers??

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Forced Order
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The first words are spoken by...
as played by
I don't wanna say a hero, but the main character
as played by
the thugs in the first scene are sent by
the household furnishing that is micturated upon
The song that plays over the credits
Bowling Team Member #2 (big guy with glasses)
played by
Team Member #3
played by
what he needs to do
the preferred nomenclature
the intended target of the break-in from the opening scene
his dedicated assistant
his children (not literally)
'I'm (answer #3). So that's what you call me. That, or, uh...'
his wife
what she charges for
what the charge is to watch
'Oh, this? It's a ________. I'm watching it while Cynthia and Marty Ackerman are in Hawaii.'
the guy whose toe slips over the line
Purple-draped bowler that nobody f*cks with
What he is
his partner
what the main character does not see any connection between the kidnapping and
the kind of connection main character #2 will admit is not there
the kind of connection the main character does not see to it
What Main Character #2 will not do on Shabbas
the female painter the main character goes to see
played by
a word that sometimes makes men uncomfortable
whereas, without batting an eye, a man will refer to his...
the film in which answer Tara Reid's character stars
The consitutional amendment which one characters feels protects his right to yell obscenities in a diner
The animal the main character believes the nihilists have
The animal they actually have
The narrator's drink
'You're _____ ____ _____, Larry!'
The Main Character's drink, which is spiked at one point
Either of the lawyers requested while sequestered in the Malibu sheriff's office
'Hey man, could you change the station? I've had a long day, and I can't stand the f***ing ______'
What it turns out the wheelchair-bound gentleman really can't do
How Team Member #3 dies
where his ashes are briefly interred
how things are going for the main character
his final line of dialogue
where the narrator will catch you
Townes van Zandt's cover of a Rolling Stones song the leads into the credits

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Divided Bands

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Music 10m
Was Yoko Ono involved in the making of this quiz?
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