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Can you name the celebrities being impersonated (...poorly) from South Park?

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'Ay! What the hell do yuh think you're doin'?! You walked right through my shot, mate! Do you know who I am?!'
'Yeah, you killed me. So where was I gonna go, Detroit?'
' shouldn't think of things like that. This is the one time of year in which we all try to get along, no matter what we believe in.'
'Yup, it was some Puerto Rican guy, alright.'
'Alright people, how many people has a copy. We must have-a practiced the … song for the performance tomorrow, please.'
' I'm a motherfuckin' lyrical wordsmith motherfuckin' genius!'
'On my right is a a pissed off, white-trash redneck conservative, on my left is an aging hippie liberal douche.'
'Oh, I want to take Mr. Biggles with me.'
'For so long I have waited to find the other triangle, and now I am so close. The Dawn of Zinthar is close at hand!'
'He's right, boys. Slavery is illegal and immoral, partially in thanks to the North winning the Civil War.'
'Well, I mean, why are you letting them do this to your son. Don't you see that everyone's just laughing at him?'
'Don't screw girls in the public bathrooms?'
'We're gonna sit here and protest with you until free downloadin' stop, hyeah!'
'Kind of like pig droppings, but more man-bear like.'
'If I find the **** who thinks she's taking my career from me, I'm gonna wring her pretty little neck.'
Impersonated Celebrity QuoteCelebrityEpisode
'Your magic is old and outdated, Jesus! Just like you are.'
'No no, you don't say that part, Haghaghaghagha.'
'If Tom Cruise and John Travolta don't come outta da closet, I'm gonna cap this bitch!'
'The laser system guarding the diamond was replaced by an optical relay three days ago.'
'Mmmm, how about a little more of that good lovin', Chef?'
'Oh the... cute little bear's eyes are starting to glow red now... Uh hello there, little animals, do you happen to know how to huh? OW! AAAAAAAAAAA! '
'No, this is MY cake. No, you can't have any!'
'Look, we just want our concerts to be about our music and not about purity rings.'
'You can't NOT like the Passion; I just followed the Bible. Christ died for you!'
'Ladies and gentlemen, this is Chewbacca. Chewbacca is a Wookiee, from the planet Kashyyk, but Chewbacca *lives* on the planet Endor.'
'You can't just call somebody a fudge-packer and get away with it!'
'(Sigh)...Captain, this whole thing is ridiculous.'
'Great, Snoo-Snoo. Listen, remember how we always talked about buying property in the mountains, so our kids could ski and ride horses?'
'And so, Stephen, I'm making your book my official Book of the Month selection!'
'Jeez, what a little crybaby.' 'You gonna cry all day, crybaby?' 'You know, everyone has problems; it doesn't mean you have to be a little crybaby about it.'

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