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Can you name the facts about NCIS characters?

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Forced Order
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Full Name 
Job Prior to Joining NCIS 
First Wife's Name 
Only Daughter's Name 
Number of Ex-Wives 
Favorite Drink 
Former Director w/ Romantic Involvement 
Mark Harmon was a starting QB for this Pac-10 school 
Full Name 
NCAA athlete in this sport 
at the school 
Job Prior to Joining NCIS 
Role on Gibbs' team 
Almost Died in season 2 from... 
While undercover, fell in love with 
the daughter of an arms dealer known as 
Father Played By 
Michael Weatherly was engaged to this amazingly hot actress 
Full Name 
Role w/in the squad 
Constantly referred to by DiNozzo as (not a play on his last name) 
Sister's name 
Nom de Guerre 
Book released under this name 
A university from which he holds a degree 
Gibbs' derogatory nickname for McGee 
Briefly dated a cheerleader of this NFL team 
Sean Murray is the stepson of this executive producer 
Full Name 
Replaced this female agent 
Formerly a liason from this agency 
Lover, killed by DiNozzo in Season 6 
Father's Position 
Pendant worn around her neck 
Briefly held captive and rescued by NCIS team from this country 
Cote de Pablo's actual nationality 
Full Name 
Role with NCIS 
instead of a bed, sleeps in a... 
Had a brief relationship with this team member 
Keeps a stuffed version of this animal in her lab 
which makes this noise 
Favorite beverage 
Briefly Had an Assistant named... 
City or State in which she grew up 
Pauley Perrette has recently become a spokesperson for the eradication of this disease 
Full Name 
Role with NCIS 
Previously affiliated with this military organization 
First Assistant 
Current Assistant 
Idiosyncratic wardrobe choice 
Secondary expertise (trained in) 
Long-out-of-production car which he drives 
What Ducky looked like when he was younger 

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