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You can get your kicks on this highway that winds from Chicago to LA66
The Captain of the Hotel California hasn't had the spirit Don Henley requested since this year1969
How many times you should knock on the ceiling if you want Tony Orlando3
If the Barenaked Ladies had this much money, they would buy a green dress...but not a real one$1,000,000
A set of seven digits that Tommy TuTone is hoping doesn't change867-5309
Gloria Gaynor would have changed her lock if she'd have known you'd be back to bother her for just this many seconds1
How old 2Pac was when his Mama kicked him out on the streets17
Speed that Sammy Hagar simply cannot bring himself to go as slow as55
The pills that mother gives you don't do anything at all; go ask Alice, when she's this many feet tall10
How many to get ready, before you go, cat, go!3
Hint Number % Correct
The decidedly non-ironic number of spoons Alanis Morissette has, when all she needs is a knife10,000
How many decades, Mick Jagger tells us, kings and queens fought for the gods they made10
All the cats wanna dance with a sweet little girl of this age, whether they're from Boston or Pittsburgh P.A...16
According to Paul Simon, there are this many ways to abandon the object of your affection50
The man in the coon-skin cap in the big pen wants this many dollar bills, but you only have ten11
Flava Flav dialed this number a long time ago - don't you see how late they're reactin'?911
People tell Marvin Gaye to believe this much of what he sees (and none of what he hears)1/2
The number of times Sting resolves to call up a woman and ask her to be married (preferably in some old fashioned way)1000
The number of holes it takes to fill the Albert Hall (you can count them in Blackburn, Lancashire)4000
The number of times Jay-Z can use a homophone of the word 'two' in one verse22

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