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The age at which Paul McCartney is concerned you will still need him and feed him
Highway along which Bob Dylan believes God wanted Isaac killed
The year that Prince will party as if it were
How many miles the Proclaimers would walk just to fall down at your door
How many years, according to Kanye West, you have someone for once you have their kid
The amperage of the fuse that Mick Jagger is going to blow if he doesn't vent his frustration
Year in which Bryan Adams got his first six-string (last two digits only)
How many days and nights the law was on Billie Jean's side
The time until which Janis Joplin waits for delivery of her color TV
Age at which Sue's daddy left home, leaving very little for Ma and him
Highway a Greyhound Bus was rollin' down when a Ramblin' Man was born in the back seat
The number of years Don McLean feels we've been on our own, leaving moss to grow fat on a rolling stone
How many paths you can go down on the Stairway to Heaven
Year (presumably) in which the Smashing Pumpkins posit that cool kids never have the time
Highway on which Bruce Springsteen rides suicide machines sprung from steel cages
The number of problems Jay-Z has (although, as we all know, a b**** ain't one)
How many smiles Jimi's 'little wing' gives to him freely
How many hours (and 15 days) its been since love was taken away from Sinead O'Connor
How many children the Temptations are to have, using their imagination
The number of questions 50 Cent needs to ask you to find out if you're 100-proof
How many loves there are, according to Bob Marley
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