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Forced Order
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ClueNameReferenced Song
Half of what John Lennon says is meaningless, but he says it just to reach...
Name of the smoker Snoop Dogg (or Slick Rick) meets in the alley
Farm owner for whom Bob Dylan will not work anymore (you should see the way she makes him scrub the floor)
Bruce Springsteen watches as, like a vision, she dances across the porch
Dolly Parton is begging this woman not to take away her man
Any of the many friends Biz Markie has, and that's a fact
You can call Mick Jagger this, because he's in need of some restraint
Robbie Robertson saw her walking hand in hand with the devil
Woman that the band Boston sees walking away...
Jimi wonders if the wind will remember this name, among the names it has blown in the past
Name of the guy who made a bet, which the devil's gonna regret, cuz he's the best that's ever been
Everybody had better run, because this woman has a gun
ClueNameReferenced Song
A boy with some serious issues about his first name, as Johnny Cash relates
Tom Petty asserts she grew up right, with them Indiana boys on them Indiana nights
She has Eric Clapton on his knees
A girl with blue eyes; David Crosby seeks the key to her heart
Sting wants to assure her she no longer has to put on the red light
Stan's brother, whom Eminem just said 'no' to an autograph request from
The only boy who could ever reach Aretha Franklin
He used to make a fire light, when Bob Marley was in the government yards in Trenchtown
Crime victim whose well-being Michael Jackson is very concerned with (that's she's ok)
[Easy Bonus] On numerous occasions, Eric Cartman has insisted that this person's mom is a big, fat, stupid...
[Hard Bonus] Sister that says she wants to go to the show with Gregg Allman (and he sure wants to take her)

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