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Can you name the facts about Janis Joplin?

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Texas town where Janis was born and raised
Group for which she first sang lead
City in which this group was particularly active
South of the border festival generally considered the big break for both Janis & her band
Breakthrough song featured on a documentary about the above festival
The group's second album, and their last (studio) with Janis
Cover song from that album which reached #1 on the Billboard charts
Janis' signature drink
Band formed as backing for Janis after her split with the initial group
Famous music festival in 1969 at which Janis & her band performed
Band #2 broke up by the end of 1969, with their final performance at this NYC venue
The second band formed to back Janis
Either of the famous SF venues at which Janis briefly re-united with her original band
Janis was a major act on this musical tour of Canada, which later spawned a documentary
Magazine that followed Janis to her 10th high school reunion
TV show on which she publicly announced she was going to the reunion
Janis' last public appearance took place at this Boston venue
Cause of her death
Posthumously released final album
Kris Kristofferson cover that would prove to be Janis' biggest hit
At her final recording sessions, 2 songs were recorded: a birthday greeting for this man:
And an a capella song named for an auto manufacturer
Despite the name of the previous, Janis owned a psychadelically painted car by this manufacturer
1979 Bette Midler film loosely based on Janis' life
Musical which debuted in 2001 about Janis' life

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