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In the first episode of South Park, Carman gets an ____ ______
Scuzzlebutt has celery for an arm and ____ ____ for a leg
The mayor of South Park attended what university?
The professional turkey hired for the 3rd graders production of the Miracle Worker
Skyler leaves his house in order to save what actress?
What you call when a carnival gives you crappy prizes
Martin Harris...
whereas, Lucy Harris...
'Screw you guys, I'm going ____'
The Mexican Staring Frog of Southern __ ____
Kyle wants to call the caveman Steve, because he looks like..
I'm sailing away...
Drugs are ___, m'kay?
I love cheesy poofs, you love cheesy poofs, if we didn't eat cheesy poofs, we'd be...
A struggling singer to whom Chef suggested a beefier name
Butter's future self is particularly fond of this show
Cartman's mom is such a dirty ****, she's on the cover of...
(Cousin) Kyle can't concentrate; maybe we'll have to send him to:
Cartman's primary argument against Harbucks Coffee
Now that it's been 22.3 years, this is finally funny
I stood up and yelled, 'What do you want from us, monster?' And the monster bent down and said...
'I hate you guys, you guys totally suck, especially...'
The organization that Cartman joins once he becomes too sophisticated for the boys
The brown noise is 92 cents below the lowest octave of...
Children, haven't you ever heard that song by Loverboy?
Marklar, these marklars want to change your marklar. They don't want marklar or any of his marklars to live here because it's bad for their...
'And what do you think of me, Clyde Frog?' 'I think you're...'
Stan's gay dog
Who lives in the shade 'neath the willow trees?
Cartman's prison number (#24601) is the same as this literary protagonist
Is there somewhere in town where I can get a good, clear, view of Kathie Lee?
I'm going to pose as a real estate agent and con everyone in town into buyin' a monorail. And then skip town with all their money. No?
The form that Najix ultimately takes
The song Cartman used to convince Congress to allow stem-cell research
The team that forfeits to South Park in the national dodgeball championship
Number of times the word 'sh*t' is used in 'It Hits the Fan'
One side effect to ritalin is seeing little ______ _______ monsters
Protein powder that turns Cartman into a beefcake
Cartman almost re-wins the Civil War by blackmailing Pres. Clinton with tapes of him and...
Well, who was right? Who gets into heaven?
Step 1: Collect Underpants. Step 2: ____. Step 3: Profit!
Ladies and gentlemen of this supposed jury, this is...
The only person who can save us from Mecha-Streisand
Will Professor Chaos' latest plot succeed and be the final undoing of Earth?
Who runs the nationwide tooth racket?
Rob Schneider stars in a motion picture based on which character?
The song that Richard Stamos can't hit the high F in
The boys' original scoutmaster in 'Cripple Fight'
Helmet-like device that allows South Park parents to monitor their children
______ used to have a Gulfsteam IV. Now she's had to sell it and get a Gulfsteam III because people like you download her music for free!
Filmore's aunt (she demands a recount!)
I said, 'We'll take a graham crunch. How much will that be?' And she looks at me, and she says, 'uh...
Cartman writes and produces a play based on her life
'Hello, Mr. Governor, and thank you for taking the time to hear our presentation on hate-crime laws, entitled, 'Hate Crime Laws:
The restaurant operated by Mr. Tuong Lu Kim
The new Prime Minister of Canada
Benjamin Franklin came up with the idea of saying one thing, while...
'Therefore, before we shoot something, we have to say, 'It's...
The single most vile, twisted, dark piece of porn ever produced
Saddam Hussein's romantic rival for Satan
The name of the principal of South Park Elementary
Starvin' Marvin's country of origin
The first girl in 4th grade to develop boobs
Wendy's one-episode teacher and rival for Stan's affection
Which character did Mr. Mackey once refer to as being 'nuttier than Chinese Chicken Salad'?
How much do Stan and Kyle win for their second-place entry on 'America's Stupidest Home Videos?'
Who won first place?
The video-game system which was stolen away from the boys
Any of the three 'Melvins' Stan is forced to hang out with on the night of the meteor shower
The original zombie
When asked 'truth or dare', the first answer you give is always...
The long-lost child of Martha and Steve Thompson (the TPS couple)
Anti-smoking activist who tries to kill Cartman
The name of the school nurse
'He came running up to me with a big smile, and his little chef's hat on, and he said, 'Poppa, poppa', and I said, 'What do you need, my boy,' and he said...
South Park Elementary's biggest football rival
The Christmas Poo
The state in which Grandma Cartman resides
The feature-length film released in the middle of Season 3
The doctor's prescribed cure for pink eye
Network that airs 'Mush-sh*t' TV
'That's it! That's the melody to ____________!'
What the McCormacks eat for dinner when the kids sleep over
South Park's priest
Country where the boys experience the rainforest
Guest voice of their choir tour guide
'Yeah, well, where was I gonna go? ...'
Dr. Adams, the planeterium director, has a bone disease and can't say this letter
The only black kid in South Park
The only word Timmy can say
The other handicapped kid in South Park
Cartman's band, which won a myrrh album
Band that helps the boys catch some pirate ghosts
If Dolphins are so smart, why do they live in...
Who actually stole the mari-juana that Mr. Mackey passed around?
Scott Tenorman's favorite band
I'm a Jew, a lonely Jew, I'd be merry, but...
The game Kyle and Ike are playing when Ike is abducted by aliens
'He said, 'tree-fitty'. And so I realized it wasn't no alien, it was that god-damned...'

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