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The voice of Beavis and Butthead
Beavis' T-shirt says...
Butthead's T-shirt says...
Fictional Texas town where they live
A word Beavis was not allowed to say on air for quite some time
The duo's next door neighbor and early template for Hank Hill
The duo's all-time favorite band
Some of the the things they do could cause a person to get...
The extra-smooth pickup line Butthead uses on all the ladies
The boy's hippie-ish homeroom teacher
Conveinence store where the boys buy nachos
Beavis' alter ego
What this alter ego requires
The boys deperately want to join his gang
This boy desperately wants to join up with Beavis & Butthead
His shirt always reads...
Where Beavis usually kicks Butthead
Where Butthead usually slaps Beavis
Annoying, smart chick with glasses from their school
Fast food joint where the duo 'work'
Ex-Marine and Gym Teacher of the boys
School principal and long-time victim of the boys
They were originally referred to as 'Buffcoat and Beaver' by this former Dem. senator
The name of the movie the boys starrred in
Something neither Beavis nor Butthead will ever do

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