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Start of Quote (Speaker - # of words)QuoteShow/Episode
'I yelled, I said, 'What do you want from us, monster? And the monster bent down and said...' (Chef's Dad - 5)South Park - Succubus
'This is the worst kind of discrimination...(Bender - 4)Futurama - War in the H-Word
'Second of all, women are not people. They are'... (Peter - 10)Family Guy - I am Peter, Hear me Roar
'You call that a knife? THIS is a knife.' (Bart - 7)The Simpsons - Bart vs. Australia
'Mmm, just like tacos.' '...' (Cartman - 6)South Park - Fat Butt and Pancake Head
'Bushwah! Now what's your mission? Are you planning on making some kind of alien-human hybrid?' '...' (Zoidberg - 6)Futurama - Roswell That Ends Well
'So did your therapist figure out what the problem was?' 'Yeah, he thinks I'm in love.' '...' (Peter - 6)Family Guy - Brian in Love
'Remove the Stone of Shame.' 'Woo hoo!' '...' (Number One - 5)The Simpsons - Homer the Great
Start of Quote (Speaker - # of words)QuoteShow/Episode
'Godammit, I didn't have an anal probe! ...' (Cartman - 6)South Park - Cartman Gets an Anal Probe
'They travel from world to world making everyone stupid in order to wipe out all thought in the universe.' 'Wipe out all thought? My God...' (Leela - 4)Futurama - The Day The Earth Stood Stoopid
'Hey Little Dude, you want some ice cream?' 'Yes, but no sprinkles. For every sprinkle I find...' (Stewie - 4)Family Guy - Chitty Chitty Death Bang
'It doesn't work. It's just a stupid rock.' 'I see.' 'But you don't see any tigers around, do you?' '...' (Homer - 7)The Simpsons - Much Apu About Nothing
'That's why Towelie says, 'Don't forget to bring a towel!' 'O-kay.' 'Thanks, Towelie.' '...' (Towelie - 4)South Park - Towelie
'Do you guys have a self-destruct code, like Destruct Sequence 1-A, 2-B...' [Boom!] 'Thanks a lot, Takei...' (Bender - 3)Futurama - Where No Fan Has Gone Before
'Well, a lot of nasty things have been said during this campaign, but pictures are better than words, because some words...' (Peter - 6)Family Guy - Running Mates
'Billy Corgan, Smashing Pumpkins.' 'Homer Simpson...' (Homer - 2)The Simpsons - Homerpalooza

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