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Give or take two minutes, the length of the massacree
How many years ago it happened (according to the song)
National holiday on which it started
Where Alice lives
with her husband...
and her dog...
What Alice didn't have to take out for a long time, havin' all that room where the pews used to have been
Vehicle that was loaded up
What it was loaded with
What the sign at the city dump said
The policeman who needed to speak to Arlo the following morning
The first possibility, which Arlo didn't expect and wasn't very likely, was that the policeman would give them...
The second possibility, which Arlo expected, was that the officer would _____ them out
The third possibility, which they hadn't counted upon, consisted of getting...
Town where this happened here
How many stop signs there are in this town
This was the biggest crime there in the last __ years
Any of the forms of evidence, other than color glossy pictures, which was collected
Any of what was on the back of the 27 8x10 color glossy pictures
Not only that, they took pictures of...
What the officer demanded of Arlo before putting him in the cell
Nickname by which the officer and numerous authority figures throught the song call Arlo
Person who came to bail Arlo out of the cell
The kind of justice the officer came to the conclusion this was a typical case of
The fine Arlo was forced to pay
But that's not what Arlo came to tell ya 'bout - he came to talk about
Got a building down in New York City called...
where you get...
What Arlo told the shrink he wants to do
What the seargeant told him, after hearing his outburst
After the whole thing, they had only one question for Arlo: 'Kid, have you ever been...'
Name of the bench where Arlo is told to go and sit
Which is where the stick ya if you aren't enough of this to join the army
Any of the kinds of nasty, ugly-looking people sittin' on the bench there
What Arlo is forced to tell the meanest one of them all he was arrested for
The seargant talked for this many minutes (and nobody understood a word that he said)
The question on the other side of the sheet of paper: '...have you _________ yourself?'
What the seargeant has a damn lot of, to ask such a question
Epithet which Arlo states prevents him from joining the army and burning women, kids, houses and villages after being
ID mark of which there is probably a copy of Arlo's somewhere in some folder in Washington
What they'll think you are (and not take you) if one person walks in a sings a bar of Alice's Restaurant
What they'll think you are (and not take you) if two people walk in a sing a bar of Alice's Restaurant
What they'll think if going is if three people a day walk in and sing a bar of Alice's Restaurant
What they may think it is if 50 people a day walk in and sing a bar of Alice's Restaurant
What you have to do, if you wanna end war and stuff
What you can get, at Alice's Restaurant
How far Alice's Restaurant is from the railroad track
Infamous covert recording which contains a gap roughly equivalent to the length of 'Alice's Restaurant'

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