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Can you name the NBA All Stars by college, country, high school??

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College/Country/High SchoolPlayerAppearances/Decade
Alabama4, 1990's
Arizona3, 2000's
Arkansas5, 2000's
Arkansas5, 1980's
Arkansas4, 1980's/1991
Auburn11, 1980's/90's
Bowling Green St7, 1960's/70's
Bradley7, 1960's/70's
BYU4, 1950's
California10, 1990's/2000's
California3, 1970's
California3, 1990's
Centenary9, 1980's/90's
Central Arkansas7, 1990's
Central Michigan3, 1990's
Central Michigan3, 1980's
China8, 2000's
Cincinnati12, 1960's/70's
Cincinnati6, 1950's/60's
Clemson3, 1980's/1993
Colgate5, 1950's
Colorado5, 2000's
Dartmouth5, 1960's
DePaul4, 1950's
DePaul3, 1980's
Detroit8, 1960's/70's
Detroit4, 1970's
Duke7, 1990's/2000's
Duke3, 1969/70's
Eastern Michigan9, 1970's/80's
France3, 2000's
Florida State7, 1970's
Georgetown11, 1980's/90's
Georgetown11, 2000's
Georgetown8, 1990's/2000's
Georgetown7, 1990's/2000's
Georgia9, 1980's/90's
Georgia Tech6, 2000's
Georgia Tech4, 1989/90's
Germany10, 2000's
Gonzaga10, 1989/90's/2000
Grambling St7, 1960's/70's
Greece3, 2000's
Guilford3, 1970's
Hamline6, 1950's
Hartford4, 1990's
High School14, 1990's/2000's
High School13, 1998/2000's
High School12, 1970's/80's
High School7, 2000's
High School7, 2000's
High School6, 1990's
High School6, 2000's
High School6, 2000's
High School5, 2000's
Holy Cross13, 1950's/60's
Holy Cross6, 1957/60's
Houston12, 1969-1980
Houston12, 1980's/90's
Houston10, 1980's/90's
Houston4, 1979/80's
Idaho5, 1960's/70's
Illinois5, 1950's
College/Country/High SchoolPlayerAppearances/Decade
Illinois5, 1960's
Illinois at Urbana-Champaign1950's/60's
Illinois State4, 1970's
Illinois Wesleyan7, 1979/80's
Indiana12, 1982-93
Indiana4, 1960's
Indiana3, 1969/70's
Indiana3, 1970's
Indiana State12, 1980's/90's
Iona6, 1958-63
Iowa4, 1970-73
Jacksonville University6, 1970's/80's
Kansas13, 1960's/70's
Kansas9, 2000's
Kansas7, 1970's
Kansas3, 1960's/70
Kansas3, 1956/60's
Kansas State6, 1990's
Kansas State4, 1980's/90
Kentucky5, 1950's/60's
Kentucky3, 1998/2000's
La Salle8, 1950's
La Salle5, 1960-64
Louisiana Tech14, 1980's/90's/2000's
Louisville5, 1969/70's
LSU15, 1990's/2000's
LSU11, 1950's/60's
LSU5, 1970's
Marquette7, 2000's
Marquette4, 1970's/83
Marshall10, 1960's/70
Maryland5, 1958-62
Maryland3, 2000's
Maryland3, 1980's
Massachusetts11, 1977-87
Mcneese St6, 1990's
Memphis4, 1990's
Miami, FL8, 1960's/70's
Miami, OH5, 1961-65
Michigan5, 1970's
Michigan5, 1997/2000's
Michigan3, 1990's
Michigan St12, 1980's/90's
Michigan St4, 1960's/71
Minnesota7, 1980's/90's
Minnesota6, 1969-74
Minnesota4, 1957-60
Mississippi St6, 1960's
Montana4, 1980's
Navy10, 1990's/2000's
NC State4, 1970's/2000
New York12, 1951-62
Niagara6, 1950's/60's
Norfolk St1970's
North Carolina Central5, 1960's
Northeast Missouri St7, 1950's
Notre Dame6, 1980's
Notre Dame4, 1980's
Ohio St13, 1966-78
Ohio St7, 1960's/71
Ohio St6, 1953-58
Ohio St4, 1952-55
Oregon St9, 1990's/2000's
College/Country/High SchoolPlayerAppearances/Decade
Pepperdine5, 1979-82/85
Providence9, 1960's/70's
Purdue3, 1960's
San Francisco12, 1950's/60's
Santa Clara7, 2000's
Seattle11, 1959/60's/70
Seton Hall5, 1952-56
Seton Hall4, 1951-54
South Carolina8, 1980's
Southern3, 1971-73
Southern Illinois7, 1970-76
Spain4, 2000's
St. Bonaventure8, 1970's/82
St. Francis3, 1956-58
St. Francis3, 1970's
St. Johns7, 1950's
St. Johns5, 1989-93
St. Louis7, 1950's
Stanford6, 1955-60
Stanford4, 1950's
Syracuse7, 1960's/70's
Syracuse4, 2000's
Temple4, 1960's
Temple3, 1990's/2000
Tennessee4, 1980's/91
Texas7, 1953-59
Toledo3, 1953-55
UCLA19, 1970-77/79-89
UCLA5, 1969/70's
UCLA5, 1979/80's
UCLA5, 1990's
UCLA4, 1958/60's
UCLA4, 1970's
UCLA3, 1976/80's
UCONN10, 2000's
UCONN3, 2000's
UNC14, 1980's/90's/00's
UNC8, 2000-07
UNC7, 1986-92
UNC6, 1970's/80's
UNC5, 1980's/90's
UNC5, 1974-78
UNC5, 1970's
UNC4, 1969-72
UNC4, 1970's/80's
UNC4, 2000's
UNC3, 1970's
UNLV4, 2000's
USC8, 1953-60
USC5, 1977-81
Utah4, 1980's/90's
UTEP6, 1970's/80's
UTEP5, 1990's
Villanova10, 1950's/60's
Virginia4, 1984-87
Virginia Union4, 2003-2006
Wake Forest13, 1998/2000-11
Wake Forest4, 2008-11
Washington3, 2008-10
Washington3, 1990's
West Texas A&M4, 1980's
Winston-Salem St4, 1969/70's
WVU14, 1961-74

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