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Can you name the American Horror Story Murder House Characters?

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The Harmon Family Wife
The Harmon Family Husband
The Harmon Family Daughter
Burnt Face
Kooky Neighbour
Murder House Maid
Crazy Mistress
Daughter of Kooky Neighbour
Murder House Real Estate Agent
Homosexual Control Freak
Control Freak's Husband
The Harmon's Daughter's Bully
Wife of Burnt Face
Original Murder House Owner (Doctor)
Wife of Original Murder House Owner
Harmon Security Guard
Medium for Kooky Neighbour (from Craigslist)
Kooky Neighbour's lover (Boy Toy)
Goth School Shooter Victim
Leather Jacket School Shooter Victim
No Jaw School Shooter Victim
Jock School Shooter Victim
Cheerleader School Shooter Victim
Ginger Twins (for answer, type names like so: X and X)
Black Dahlia
Dentist who accidentally killed Black Dahlia (for answer, type: Dr. X)
Hog Tied Nurse
Drowned Nurse
Nurse Killer (This one is tough so a hint: Type R. 'name of animated TV show Turtle'
Female Copycat of Nurse Killer who is chopped in half (By axe and elevator)
Female Copycat of Nurse Killer
Male Copycat of Nurse Killer
Son of Original Owners of Murder House
Tour of Eternal Darkness Tourguide (Rhymes with Pan)
Kooky Neighbour's Husband RIP (Shares name with Lotto winner in LOST)
Kooky Neighbour's Deformed Son
New Murder House Owner Husband (Stayed for one night)
New Murder House Owner Wife (Stayed for one night)
New Murder House Owner Son (Stayed for one night)
Grandson of Kooky Neighbour/Devil Child
Harmon's New Son

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