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Has a Capital City of Yerevan
Has a flag containing the same colours and shapes as the Monaco flag
Twenty letters long
Has a Capital City of Vilnius
Smallest former Yugoslav republic
Flag contains five red crosses
Longest country containing a 'Z' in its name
Has a Capital City of Budapest
Smallest country in the world
Has a Capital City of Copenhagen
Contains the mountain 'Mont Blanc'
Flag contains the same colours as the German flag
Contains the island Ibiza
Contains the city 'Manchester'
Has the same Capital City as its countries name
Has a Capital City of Reykjavik
Bordered by Romania and Ukraine only
Has an area of 1.95km squared
Country supposedly shaped as a football boot
Northernmost European country
Has a white, green and red flag
Flag contains a blue and yellow horizontal stripe only
Has a Capital City of Lisbon
Has a flag of a blue cross on a white background
Contains Mount Olympus
Seven letter former Yugoslav republic
Has a Capital City of Belgrade
Contains the mountain 'Pelister'
Only European country beginning in the letter 'E'
Has a Capital City of Ljubljana
Bordered by Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Ukraine and Moldova
Bordered by Estonia, Russia, Belarus and Lithuania
Bordered by Netherlands, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and Luxembourg
Alphabetically, the first European country
Became independent in 2008
Contains the mountain 'Matterhorn'
Largest country in the world
Contains the islands Rhodes and Crete
Borders the Irish sea, the Celtic sea and the Atlantic Ocean
Borderd by Spain and France
Joined European Union in 1995
Has a Capital City of Minsk
Country Landlocked by Italy beginning with 'S'
Divided from Czech republic in 1993
Landlocked by Switzerland and Austria
Contains the island of Gozo
Has a Capital City of Vienna
The second largest Asian-European country

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