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Can you name the Countries Beginning with 'B' by Highest Point?

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Forced Order
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Highest PointCountry
Gangkhar Puensum, 7,570m
Mountain of Smoke, 134m
Maglić, 2,386 m
Mount Hillaby, 343m
Signal de Botrange, 694m
Mont Sokbaro, 658 m
Pico da Neblina, 2,995m
Reng Tlāng, 957m
Mount Heha, 2,684m
Highest PointCountry
Mount Tenakourou, 747m
Musala, 2,925 m
Bukit Pagon, 1,850m
Nevado Sajama, 6,542 m
Doyle's Delight, 1,124 m
Dzyarzhynskaya hara, 345m
Tsodilo Hills, 1,489 m
Mount Alvernia, 63m

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