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10. You will automatically receive a 4.0 grade in college if this happens.
9. Mr. Rogers was once this before he hosted his children's show on PBS.
8. Who's ghost will appear in the mirror when summoned three times in the dark?
7. John F. Kennedy misspoke when he said his famous 'Ich bin ein Berliner' speech and what he supposedly said instead was translated to, 'I am a ..... .....'.
6. Eating this and drinking Coke will cause severe stomach damage.
5. A man pulls over to help a stranger change a tire. Several weeks later, the man gets ____________ along with a thank you letter, from Bill Gates.
4. Walt Disney's body is this.
3. This animal lives in the New York sewers
2. A Man picks up a young girl hitchhiker and drives her home only to find out what?
1. A lady is in a bar when a man buys her a drink. After a few sips, she passes out, only to awaken in a hotel bathtub covered with ice. A note says to call 911. What happened?

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