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Can you name the Birds of Prey of North America?

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Scientific NameCommon Name
Coragyps atratus
Cathartes aura
Gymnogyps californianus
Pandion haliaetus
Elanoides foricatus
Elanus leucurus
Ictinia mississippiensis
Chondrohierax uncinatus
Rostrhamus sociabilis
Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Circus cyaneus
Accipiter striatus
Accipiter cooperii
Accipiter gentilis
Buteogallus anthracinus
Parabuteo unicinctus
Buteo lineatus
Scientific NameCommon Name
Buteo platypterus
Buteo nitidus
Buteo brachyurus
Buteo swainsoni
Buteo albicaudatus
Buteo abbreviatus
Buteo jamaicensis
Buteo regalis
Buteo lagopus
Aquila chrysaetos
Caracara cheriway
Falco sparverius
Falco columbarius
Falco femoralis
Falco rusticolus
Falco peregrinus
Falco mexicanus

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