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F.BHe is the sidekick in the comic book series Radioactive Man.
F.THe is the head of a Mafia and has been seen bribing and making secret deals with Mayor Quimby.
G.CCatchphrase is 'Skinneeeeer!!!'.
G.SMaggie Simpsons arch enemy and marries Maggie in the future.
G.GHe is an unsuccessful and unlucky businessman of Springfield.
G.WHe is often either a formidable enemy or an invaluable ally to Bart and Lisa Simpson.
H.MKnown as Ralph Melish, he has incredibly bad luck.
H.LShe was punished by having a fork stuck in her hand because she could not remember which out of 34 forks was an olive fork.
H.PHe was first mentioned by Abe Simpson when Homer and Abe meet at the hospital.
HHe told Bart that the other arm was lost by sticking it out of the window of a moving bus.
H.K or K.t.CCatchphrase is 'Hey Hey Kids!'.
Hint (Initials)AnswerInfo
H.SCatchphrases are 'D'oh!', 'Mmm...', 'Why you little...!' and 'Woohoo...!'.
H.SHe is a non-canon character and Bart's conjoined twin in Treehouse of Horror VII.
IHis ears resemble mickey mouse and plays the role of Jerry from Tom and Jerry.
J.BHe tried to avoid the draft by disguising himself as a woman and staying in Springfield to play in the women's baseball league.
J.SHe is said to have dramatically killed a bear with his bare hands.
J.A or C.B.GCatchphrase is 'Worst (insert noun) ever!'.
J.F or S.V.THe once tried to commit suicide by jumping off a cliff, because FOX cancelled Futurama.
J.LWhile she has a sweet and calm appearance, she also has a penchant for mischief and chaos.
J.JHe enjoys intimidating his classmates and shoplifting and his best friend is Dolph.
J.FCatchphrase is 'Glavin!'.
J.HCatchphrase is 'A-heh-heh-heh'.

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