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A.SKnown by some for his long, rambling, Inaccurate stories.
A.STreats her son harsh and like a child.
A.NCatchphrase is 'Thank you, come again'.
A.PIn the early episodes, he was referred to as 'Bill Pye'.
A.ZHas a crush on Marge and is very self centred.
B.GCatchphrase is 'BURRRRRRPPPP!!!'.
B.DMascot and spokesman for Duff beer.
B.SCatchphrase is 'Eat My Shorts' and 'Ay caramba'.
BMutated and has 3 eyes.
B.SMarried to her brother by Homer.
B.MThe only time he has ever taken of his costume is in his private life.
C.CHe is an Icelandic-African-American and a Buddhist.
C.THis dream since a child was to become Krusty the Clown's sidekick.
Hint (Initials)AnswerInfo
C.WHe is morbidly obese, extremely stupid, ignorant, incompetent, and really lazy.
C.SMarried to his sister by Homer.
DHe is a member and leader of 'The Super-friends'.
D.Q or M.QChief priorities: Womanizing, and forms of corruption, including taking tax money, taking bribes from Fat Tony.
D.SBefore becoming a fan of *****, *** was known as Nautical *** due to his career as a Sea Captain
D.SAccording to a school profile, he can speak 'Spanish, German, Hebrew, Arabic, Korean, Latin, Old English, English, Klingon, and Esperanto'
D.FShe constantly prepares bad food; whole beef hearts, horse testicles, shredded newspaper and gym mats.
D.THe used to be known to have a bad temper since he was put under arrest because of pushing his mother down the stairs.
EHe loves being a cop because it makes him feel like he is 'making a difference'.
E.KCatchphrase is 'Ha!'. She lives at 82 Evergreen Terrace.
E.A or C.C.LCatchphrase is 'ArrrriaiaR!!'. She gives Lisa one of her cats, Snowball V.
E.HShe is often seen smoking even while teaching, once even under a 'No Smoking' sign in the assembly hall.

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