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HintSith Lord
Founder of the Sith Lords
Founder of the Sith Lords
Founder of the Sith Lords
Greatest of the Ancient Lightsaber Masters
His death marked the end of the Golden Age of the Sith
Killed competing for title of Dark Lord of the Sith
Won the title of Dark Lord of the Sith
Ruled as King of Onderon
First Sith Lord known to wield a dual-bladed lightsaber
Turned his back on the Sith to seek redemption
First to use the 'Darth' title
Sometimes called the 'Lord of Betrayal'
Played a huge role on both sides during the Jedi Civil War
Killed by his former master
His head was preserved and displayed at a museum on Alderaan
Detached his spirit from his body and bound it to his armor
'Died' multiple times, but willed himself to life with the Dark Side
Attempted to make his own Sith Empire at the end of the Cold War
It took the entire Jedi Council to defeat him
Started a cult that caused her to be seen as an enemy by both Sith and Jedi
Initiated the New Sith Wars
Wielder of the Darkstaff
Poisoned by the Mecrosa Order
Founder of the Brotherhood of Darkness
Headmaster of the Sith Academy
Sith Academy Blademaster
Commanded the Sith forces towards the end of the New Sith Wars
Founded the Rule of Two
First apprentice under the Rule of Two
HintSith Lord
Assassin who was sent to kill a Sith Lord, but instead became his apprentice
Founder of the Prophets of the Dark Side
Created the Force Phantom technique
Tried to incorporate both Sith and Jedi characteristics in his teachings, causing him to go insane
Fitted with a cybernetic arm, face and torso
Compared the Sith to malignant cells that were undetectable, but deadly
Experimented on Cephalons in an attempt to time travel
Famous starship designer
Had the ability to create life by manipulating midichlorians
Forced into a coma and experimented on by a rival apprentice
First Emperor of the Galactic Empire
Known for his prominently displayed Sith tattoos
Founder of the Confederacy of Independent Systems
Died in defense of Jacen Solo
The Chosen One
She is responsible for Anakin Skywalker's prominent facial scar
Secret apprentice
Dark Lady of the Sith
The Dark Lord of Belderone
Son of Han and Leia Solo
Founder of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
Member of the One Sith Order
His death signified the apparent end of the Sith Order

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