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Match DescriptionMatch Name
One or more wrestlers vs a larger team of wrestlers
Victory is achieved by amounting the most pinfalls/submissions in a set amount of time
Wrestlers are locked in room for 24 hours without light, food or water prior to the match
An object is suspended above the ring. Wrestlers must obtain the item to win.
The opponent must be forced to verbally acknowledge submission, usually via microphone.
Pinfalls can occur anywhere inside or outside of the ring
Flags are placed on opposing turnbuckles. To win, the opponents flag must be raised in the wrestler's corner along with their own flag.
The ring is surrounded by non-participating wrestlers to keep participants from fleeing the ring
Two or more wrestlers fight inside a walled structure. Outside wrestlers throw weapons into the enclosure after a set amount of time
Up to 100 wrestlers compete in two or more rings. Wrestlers are eliminated by being thrown over the top rope of any ring.
Victory is achieved by causing your opponent to bleed.
Two or more wrestlers fight until all but one has been KO'd, usually determined by 10 count
No wrestler can be disqualified for any reason (except sometimes count-out).
Wrestlers' fists are taped and dipped into glue and in broken and crushed glass, allowing shards to stick to their fists
Ring ropes and weapons are wound in barbed wire.
Championship match in which if the challenger loses, they are barred from challenging for it again until it changes hands
Match DescriptionMatch Name
Loser can no longer compete in a specific promotionbrand/city/area
One or more of the competitor's career is on the line
One or more of the wrestlers wager something (usually their mask or hair) on the outcome of the match
A hardcore match that begins in a specific room. The winner is the first to exit the room.
Victory is achieved by being the first to put their opponent through a (sometimes burning) table.
Competitors are placed on the opposite ends of a restraint to keep them in close physical proximity
Two or more wrestlers fight inside a steel enclosure. Victory can be obtained by pinfall, submission, or being the first to climb out of the enclosure
Fighting takes place in a three story cage. Groups of wrestlers begin on the middle story and must fight their way to the top. Pinfalls and submissions only count on the top story.
A large cage that extends beyond the ring apron is lowered around the ring, leaving a narrow gap between the edge of the ring and the cage wall.
A large, circular steel cage surrounds the ring entirely. Four of the six competitors in the match must wait to be released
The ring is completely surrounded by flames once both contenders have entered the ring. The only way to win is to set your opponent on fire.
No-Holds-Barred match in which the object is for one wrestler to throw his opponent into a grave dug out of a large mound of dirt placed outside the ring
The object of the match is to trap the opposing wrestler in a coffin
Hardcore match in which the victory condition is for one wrestler to force their opponent into the back of a hearse, close the door, and drive it out of the arena
A multi-competitor match type in which wrestlers are eliminated until only one is left.
Two wrestlers begin the match and are replaced whenever one is eliminated (by pinfall or submission). The last wrestler remaining wins.

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