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Can you name the Marvel Comics villains by their real names?

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Real NameVillain NicknamePrimarily a Villain of...
Quentin BeckSpiderman
Boris BullskiIron Man
Whitney FrostIron Man
James BarnesCaptain America
William BakerSpiderman
Cain MarkoThe X-Men
Sinthea SchmidtCaptain America
Aleksei SytsevichSpiderman
Johann SchmidtCaptain America
Anthony MastersThe Avengers
Ophelia SarkissianThe Avengers
Cletus KasadySpiderman
Calvin ZaboDaredevil
Dmitri SmerdyakovSpiderman
Yuriko OyamaWolverine/The X-Men
Real NameVillain NicknamePrimarily a Villain of...
George TarletonThe Avengers
Anton VankoIron Man
Arkady GregorivichThe X-Men
Morrie BenchSpiderman
Victor CreedThe X-Men/Wolverine
Wilson FiskSpiderman/Daredevil
Mac GarganSpiderman
Raven DarkhölmeThe X-Men
En Sabah NurThe X-Men
Nathaniel EssexThe X-Men
Max EisenhardtThe X-Men
Phineas MasonSpiderman
Emil BlonskyThe Incredible Hulk
Chen LuThe Avengers
Benjamin Poindexter (Possibly a fake name)Daredevil

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