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QUIZ: Can you name the Final Fantasy IX Triva (Difficult)?

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At the beginning of the game, how old is Garnet?
How many dragons must be killed in order for Freya's Dragon Crest to reach 9999 damage?
What is Garnet/Dagger's real mothers name?
What do the dwarves of Conde Petie constantly shout?
What is the name of Queen Brahne's airship?
What is the name of Baku's character in 'I Want to be Your Canary'?
What beast is worth the most points during the Festival of the Hunt?
What item allows Dagger to summon Ark?
Out of all playable characters, who is the oldest?
How old is the character from the previous question?
Which of Zidane's weapons deals the most base damage inside Ipsen's Castle?
Wind-elemental attacks do more damage if the target has what status effect?
Name one of the three bosses that Quina can Eat.
Three Genomes were given souls by Garland. Two of them are Zidane and Kuja. Who is the third?
Where do the Genomes live after Terra's destruction?
What is the name of the area where Zidane confronts Garland?
Garland has the appearance of an old man, but what is he really?
What is Mist made of?
What traditional job class is not represented at any point by a playable character?
How many letters can be delivered for Mognet?
What is the reward for finishing the Mognet sidequest?
What is the Four-Armed Man's real name?
What skill in the game is infamously glitched?
What did Quan plan to do with Vivi?
Square partnered with what company for a Final Fantasy IX themed ad campaign?

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