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QUIZ: Can you name the Shows by character?

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Daisy, Bo, Luke
Joey, Monica, Rachel, Phoebe
Michelle, DJ, Jesse
Kelso, Red, Jackie
Cheyenne, Van, Brock
Calleigh, Eric, Horatio
Gibbs, Ziva, Ducky
Olivia, Elliot, Fin
Michael, Fiona, Sam
Auggie, Annie, Joan
Homer, Apu, Bart
Glenn, Meg, Lois, Chris
Cartman, Kenny, Chef
Doofenshmirtz, Candace, Ferb
Patrick, Eugene, Sandy, Squidward
Hank, Evan, Paige, Divya
Neil, Peter, Elizabeth
Patrick, Teresa, Grace
Dr. H, Dr. Cuddy, Dr. Foreman
Michael, Jay, Junior, Claire
Claudia, Sean, Lily
Bridget, Paul, Cate, Kerry
Bill, Judy, Brian, Lauren

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