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Can you name the historical figures in which one starts and one ends with a certain sequence?

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Figure #1HybridFigure #2
British privateer famous for raids on Spanish Armada in 1588Cold War US President, assassinated
Notorious Chicago bootleggerEmperor during 'The Fire of Rome', 64 C.E.
20th century leader of Iran's Islamic revolution20th century US President, resigned after Watergate scandal
Leader of the Indian nationalist movement against British ruleJapanese Emperor during WWII
Inspired Protestant Reformation, famous for 95 Theses11th century Viking explorer
Christian missionary, Africa explorerDiscoverer of gravity
Portuguese explorer, first to sail directly from Europe to IndiaCaptain of ship which circumnavigated the world
Known for writing the first set of codes of law in recorded historyFirst Chancellor of united Germany
Leader who proposed unification among Iroquois tribesRoman Emperor infamous for wall in Britain
Figure #1HybridFigure #2
French lawyer and politician, influential in French Revolution17th century Dutch artist
First Prime Minister of independant IndiaNobel Prize winner, conductor of Gold-Foil Experiment
Famous for work in the military hospitals of CrimeaFirst Premier of Soviet Union
Polish-born physicist and chemist, winner of two Nobel PrizesJapanese shogun 1600-1616
20th century communist revolutionary of CubaFrench 18th century political philosopher--devised social contract
Egyptian ruler, love of both Marc Antony and Julius CaesarTudor explorer, navigator, favorite of Elizabeth I
Greek author of the 'Illiad' and the 'Odyssey'Dutch writer, scholar, humanist of the Reformation
King of Uruk, famous for his book, the 'Epic of ______'Considered by many to be the greatest playwright of all time--wrote 'Romeo and Juliet'

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