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Can you name the Christina Dodd books by their leading characters?

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CharactersBook TitleSeries
Lady Saura of Roget and Sir William of MiravalMedieval
Katherine Maxwell and Damian de la SolaStand Alone
Bronwyn Edana and Adam KeaneStand Alone
Lady Juliana of Lofts and Raymond, Count of AvrachéMedieval
Rosie and Sir Anthony RycliffeStand Alone
Lady Marian Wenthaven and Griffith ap PowelStand Alone
Sylvan Miles and Lord Rand MalkinStand Alone
Lady Alisoun and Sir David of RadcliffeKnight
Lady Edlyn and Hugh de FlorisounKnight
Lady Mary Fairchild and Sebastian Durant, Viscount WhitfieldWell Pleasured
Lady Alanna and Ian FairchildWell Pleasured
Jane Higgenbothem and Ransom Quincy, Lord BlackburnGoverness Brides
Evangeline Scoffield and Crown Prince Danior of BaminiaPrincess
Princess Laurentia of Bertiniere and Prince Dominic of SereminiaPrincess
Lady Charlotte Dalrumple and Wynter, Viscount RuskinGoverness Brides
Pamela Lockhart and Devon Mathewes, Earl of KerrichGoverness Brides
Hannah Setterington and Dougald Pippard, Marquess of RaeburnGoverness Brides
Celeste Milford and Garrick ThrockmortonGoverness Brides
Enid MacLean and Stephen/Kiernan MacLeanGoverness Brides
Samantha Pendregast and Col. William GregoryGoverness Brides
Hope Prescott and Zachariah GivensLost Texas Hearts
CharactersBook TitleSeries
Madeline de Lacy, Duchess of Magnus and Gabriel Ansell, Earl of CampionSwitching Places
Eleanor de Lacy and Remington KnightSwitching Places
Pepper Prescott and Dan GrahamLost Texas Hearts
Princess Clarice of Beaumontagne and Robert Mackenzie, Earl of HepburnLost Princesses
Caroline Ritter and Jude Durant, Earl of HuntingdonGoverness Brides
Kate Montgomery/Caitlin Prescott and Teague RamosLost Texas Hearts
Princess Amy of Beaumontagne and Jermyn Edmondson, Marquess of NorthcliffLost Princesses
Crown Princess Sorcha of Beaumontagne and Arnou/Prince Rainger of RicharteLost Princesses
Brandi Michaels and Count Roberto BartoliniThe Fortune Hunters
Meadow Szarvas and Devlin FitzwilliamThe Fortune Hunters
Ann Smith and Jasha WilderDarkness Chosen
Tasya Hunnicutt and Rurik WilderDarkness Chosen
Karen Sonnet and Adrik WilderDarkness Chosen
Firebird Wilder and Doug BlackDarkness Chosen
Nessa Dahl and Jeremiah MacNaughtThe Fortune Hunters
Hannah Grey and Gabriel PrescottThe Fortune Hunters
Jacqueline Vargha and Caleb D'AngeloThe Chosen Ones
Rosamund Hill and Aaron EagleThe Chosen Ones
Emma Chegwidden and Michael Durant, Duke of NevittGoverness Brides
Genny Valente and John PowellThe Chosen Ones

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