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QUIZ: Can you name the facts about Bliss Summit Bible Camp?

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Name one of the three goals listed in our mission.
Name another.
Name the last.
When was BSBC founded?
What color are the doors to the cupboard where the plates are stored?
What color is the lining of the deceleration basin at the bottom of the water slide?
What colors are the dock and bridge at the fishing pond?
Name the red structures at camp. #1
Name the official sleep-out spots. #1
How many tetherball poles are on camp?
How may four square courts are on camp?
What shape do the windows at the front of the chapel form?
Where is the camp store?
What is the official name of the white building which houses the nurse's station and three cabins?
Where do we have Friday night campfires (in good weather)?
What new game was introduce to camp in 2011?
Don't get too dizzy or put your feet inside the white ring!
I only have three walls and one window.
On what road is the camp located?
What is camp's zip code?

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